Stone & Star Interfaith Spiritual Direction

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Welcome to Stone & Star

Welcome to Stone and Star Interfaith Spiritual Direction.

Before all else, Maya offers one statement.  If you walk away with nothing else, this alone Maya hopes may serve you. . . If you know it already, may your reading of the statement serve as a re-charge; if it is new to you, Maya and the Light-Beings she works with share the ancient reminder that


This means, simply, that YOU, and NO ONE BUT YOU, know what is best, right and True for yourself.  Therefore, Maya invites you to remain aware of your inner life as you peruse this site (and in every moment of your life) - trust your heart to let you know what works for you and what does not. If something here does not serve you right now, feel welcome to let if fly on the next gentle breeze; and likewise, if what you find here resonates with your heart, feel welcome to drink the energy in!

Whomever you are, wherever you are, however you are in this moment,

Whatever your experience of the Sacred or mundane world around you,

Maya Invites you to take a deep breath



B R E A T H . . .

Sometimes, finding our way is as


As remembering to breathe,

As gentle

As allowing our own breath

to drop us into our hearts.

What Mystery lies untended at the core of your being?

What calls out to be discovered at the center of your deepest heart?

What within you longs to unfold?


These are the birthrights of every being upon our Mother Earth.

Stone & Star Spiritual Direction offers a gateway - through listening and being listened to - to the world around us and to the Sacred within.

Rediscover your connected self.

Let your heart sing you it's longing, hum to you of it's truth.

Invite the unfoldment of your most authentic Presence & Purpose.

Stone & Star Interfaith Spiritual Direction is a place of Sacred Listening, a place of being heard.

What within you, and in your world, calls to be heard?

How does The Divine, by whatever name you call Her/Them/It/Him, whisper your name?

What is your unique and profound way of listening?

How do you wish to be received, heard, loved?

In Loving Companionship with Spiritual Director, Maya Massar
Welcome your heart home, allow your wings to unfurl, and,
If and as you feel ready and are guided by your deepest truth,
Investigate the ways you might further Share your Shine with the world.

Maya looks forward to working with you.