Stone & Star Interfaith Spiritual Direction

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About Maya

Note: Stone & Starr Spiritual Direction sessions are Pet-Friendly. . .

151 MAIN ST.
(Main at 3rd, Bucksport Professional Building.)

Maya works out of her new office or via phone or zoom.  Three rambunctious rescue dogs and a rescued 32 year old parrot share Maya's home, so you may occasionally hear barking, squawking or the occasional off-color exclamation from the bird if your session is via zoom or phone. For the most part, the three musketeers (Asha, Samurai and Zippy) and Noco the Pirate Parrot (FOLLOW NOCO'S INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT HERE @orinocothepirate) are content to remain quiet while Maya is with you in your session.

If occasional animal vocal interruptions are not for you, and you are unable to attend in-person sessions in her quieter office, Maya is happy to refer you to a spiritual director who works from a quieter office.

On the other hand, your own pet's voices will always be welcome intrusions to your sessions with Maya; and, during in-person sessions, pets are a welcome presence as well. (Maya's animal folk will not be present at live, in-office sessions.)

Rev. Maya Andrea Y. Grillo Massar, MDiv.

Interfaith Minister, Spiritual Director (Companion), Hospice Chaplain, Alternative Healing Facilitator, Companion Through Loss & Grief, Art & Performance for Healing, Animistic Inter-being Communication Facilitator, Spiritual Healing & Earth Stewardship, EFT Practitioner, Sometimes Pink-Haired, Laughter Yoga Leader. . . among many other things. . .

Maya has been offering gateways for Healing and Awakening for over four decades. She brings a rich array of training and life experience to her work; hers is a ministry dedicated to wild presence, intuitive listening, and radical acceptance. Passions include companioning during Death & Dying, choreography and creation of holy ritual, facilitation in creation of ceremony & sacred space; Support for abuse survivors; support for Death Row inmates, Communion with Stone/Angelic and Ancestral entities; Creative Arts, Performance & Movement, and Poetry. 

Maya has worked with diverse populations; from those who have survived physical, emotional (specifically covert narcissistic abuse) and/or sexual abuse, to those who have walked the road of perpetrator; from those just emerging from the womb, through coming of age, handfasting/wedding, birthing, menopause/"croning" to those transitioning out of physical bodies unto the ultimate spiritual gateway, death. She has a deep relationship and reverence for all of life's great transitions.  Maya holds safe space for LGBTQ+ folks. She supports immigrants rights, welcomes neurodiversity and those who are differently abled, honors Black Lives Matter, and Indigenous Wisdom everywhere.

Having had deeply moving experiences of the Divine in the company of people from many, many faith groups, Maya recognizes that there are an infinite number of Roads Home.  Her own eclectic spiritual background was not sought, but rather it was gifted to her through her upbringing, travels, and adventures into the realm of Spirit and has lead Maya to an understanding that what is important is not which of the Many Names of God we call out, but that each individual finds their way Home to a sense of connectedness that uplifts, transforms and heals.  Maya is committed to offering gateways to those who seek authentic communion with something greater than themselves.

Whether your experience is of a Divine Presence (by whatever name you may call Her/Them/It/Him), or of the tangible world as you perceive it; whether you are a staunch fundamentalist or free-form liberal; whether your practice is church-based or Earth-based or anything in between; whether you see, know and interact with Angels, Spirit Guides or Holy Deity, or if you prefer talking face to face with a live being you can touch and see; whether you worship and pray or simply greet your day with two feet on the ground, Maya honors your path, and is delighted to companion you on your terms, holding sacred with you your truth.


Maya’s workshops, lectures, intimate healing forums, group and personal sessions and events are, whenever possible, All-Being Welcoming; this means whomever you are, exactly as you are, in body, heart, mind and spirit – you are welcome -- as are your animal, plant, stone or spirit friends (venue permitting) at Maya’s events. 


Maya extends a special welcome to:

  • All Faith Groups, including the "Spiritual But Not Religious", Questioning, and Atheists
  • Warriors of and for the Heart
  • Artists of all kinds
  • Those (& their loved ones) facing Death
  • Sexual and emotional abuse survivors, specializing in both child sexual and covert narcissistic abuse*
  • Members of the LGBTQxyz Family
  • Un-housed people
  • Those seeking Forgiveness or to Forgive
  • Those who feel uncompanionable (including those labeled criminals or abusers and those otherwise shunned)


Contact Maya with questions, queries or to introduce yourself and see if Spiritual Direction with Maya might be for you.

*Passive Aggressive Covert Narcissistic Abuse has only recently come "out of the closet" and into the public eye as a recognizable form of abuse; oddly, very few mental health professionals are properly trained to recognize signs and symptoms, and thus survivors may be too easily mis-diagnosed or re-abused by well meaning helpers.  If you think you may be a victim of - or seek more information on - this devastating type of emotional abuse, please feel welcome to contact Maya for more information and referrals.


Altar-building. Alternative-Healing. Angels. Art. Awareness. Blessings. Breath. Birth.
Coming-of-age. Crystal-power. Dance for All. Death-Doula. Earth-Stewardship.
Full-Embodiment. Light-Body-Activation. Faerie-Star-Chakra-School. Ideas-from-the-Healing-Hut. Intuitive Interactive-Presentations-Lectures-Classes-Workshops. Magick. Meditation. Performance. Poetry. Ritual. Sacred-Sound. Shakespeare. Shamanic-ministry. Spirit-by-Every-Name.  Survivors-for-Survivors. Visualization. Weddings/Handfastings. Wild. Witch. Wizarding. Wonder. Zaba-the-96lb-crystal-skull.


Acrylic Paintings on this site (c) MayaMassar 2017


Maya is a member of Spiritual Directors International and abides by their Guidelines for Ethical Conduct.

Maya holds a certificate of Spiritual Direction and Interfaith Chaplaincy from The Chaplaincy Institute, in conjunction with her Master of Divinity degree from Starr King School for the Ministry in Berkeley, CA.  Maya has been ordained and a practicing Spiritual Companion since 1998.

Maya also currently serves as Hospice Spiritual Advisor for Community Health and Counseling Services in Bangor, ME.

You may also visit her Rest & Renewal offerings page at WindFire Ministries or her
Heartful Living & Dying site for blog and resources on Living and Dying with Heart.

You are welcome to contact Maya for more information on our Contact page.

Maya also adheres to  The Common Code of Ethics for Chaplains, Pastoral Counselors, Pastoral Educators. It was created by:

▪ The Association of Professional Chaplains (APC)
▪ The American Association of Pastoral Counselors (AAPC)
▪ The Association of Clinical Pastoral Education (ACPE)
▪ The National Association of Catholic Chaplains (NACC)
▪ The National Association of Jewish Chaplains (NAJC)
▪ The Canadian Association for Pastoral Practice and Education (CARRE/ACPEP