Stone & Star Interfaith Spiritual Direction

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Fees & Scheduling

Cost of Sessions

We want EVERYONE who wishes to book a session to be able to do so, as often as needed.

Each month, we are able to offer a few lower-paying sessions to those in need, based on the number of full paying sessions booked.
That is, the more of you who can pay the full amount, the more lower-paying sessions we can offer.

Please pay what you are able, and recognize that when you pay more, you are evening the playing field by making it possible for those who are less fortunate financially (at the moment) to receive the support they need!

One 50 minute Session: $80.00 USD

Gift Session for Someone You Know: $80.00 USD

Gift Session for a Stranger: $80.00 USD**

Three Sessions: $215.00 USD (71.66 each)

One Year (12) Sessions: $800 USD (66.66 each)

Couples/Group Session ($45 per person, minimum 2 people, maximum 8 people)

Larger Group Session – Please contact Maya
Unable to pay full price for session - Please contact Maya

Where to Make Payments, Thank You:

Payment options:
Venmo: @MataMassar
Paypal: @RevMayaAtWindFire
Check (made out to Maya Massar, P.O. Box 263, Castine, ME 04421)
Credit or Debit Card


The Scheduling page offers a list of the types of Sessions Maya offers - you may choose one of these, or scroll to the bottom of the list and simply click Stone & Starr Interfaith Spiritual Direction Session with Maya - Regular Session.

If you are new, have questions or simply wish to meet Maya (online) before booking a longer session, you may book a


When you book sessions with Maya, you will receive a welcome letter, including some ideas that may assist you in preparing for your time together.  Suggestions are just that - suggestions only; they are offered humbly and are in no way obligatory.  Take what resonates and release the rest on a light breath!  START by reading our "About Spiritual Direction" page, where you will find information to get you started as well as a link to a wonderful book if you wish to explore further.

Usually, a series of 10-12 monthly sessions, booked over 12 months, is recommended. Occasionally, fewer or more sessions may be useful. 
Sessions last 50 minutes, with a couple of minutes on each end to settle and then to close (so 55 minutes total).